Day 12 5/8/2015

I'm in early today to try and get as much done as possible. I'll lose a painting day this week because of the Hoo Ha Residence Club on Saturday so need to crack on if I'm going to fulfil my aim of completing five paintings during the residency. Prof comes in to see me and wants to stay and chat over a cup of tea. Prof is my pretend dad, I am his pretend daughter. He used to be mum's boyfriend but after they split up in 1992 mum didn't mind that I kept him as my dad. He is wondering how big his role might be in my up coming video shoot and whether it's worth his while. Prof is also a sought after bass singer in the male voice choir, the Bury St Edmunds Octet and Suffolk Operatic. He's been offered a starring role in a production of Little Red Riding Hood in Eastbourne but it's on the same day. I tell him to take the gig. 
I get very little done before midday, when Ken comes in to meet me. We're going to Suffolk Mind to meet the Waves group who we've been raising money for at the Hoo Ha Record Club. Neither of us are really sure what to expect. When we first decided to donate the money to Suffolk Mind, we were quite insistent that it should go to people in our local community who need it the most, those with quite severe mental health issues who would benefit directly, rather than it disappearing into leaflet printing or website building. Charities need to do those things of course, but our aim was to make a difference to lives in an immediate way. Waves is a wonderful group run by dedicated staff, a place for people suffering from mental health problems and personality disorders to come and feel part of a community. It's a drop in service, with no obligations, and people can be involved in the group as much or as little as they want to be. We are amazed to discover that the money we raised at the last Hoo Ha Record Club has been spent on hiring a mobile zoo, Kimi's Zoo, for the afternoon, for the group to learn about the animals as well as being able to handle them directly. It's a beautiful thing. We help the guys from Kimi's Zoo bring the animals up to the Waves group. They have Charlie the bearded dragon, a chinchilla called Stanley, two sugar gliders, a skunk, a frog, a tortoise, a stick insect, a leopard gecko and two meerkats! It's fascinating even for us to see these animals up close and to be able to hold some of them, and the group seems transfixed by the whole thing. It makes it very real for us to meet the people we're actively involved in helping. After all that it's time for a cheese board. I need to get back to the gallery but hear that the fire alarm has gone off while I've been out and it's been evacuated so I feel less bad about the cheese board.
I spend the afternoon working on my new painting 'M25'. Mum comes in with our two dachshunds Darcy and Bertie. As the gallery is empty we run around the wooden floor boards pretending that we're showing the dogs in Crufts, except that the gallery isn't actually empty, Sam and Emily are watching and laughing at us. Mum's been to the fabric stall on the market and bought a roll of red fabric for me to make her a red carpet at her 70th birthday party in a couple of weeks time. My mother belongs on the red carpet. 
Two ladies come into the gallery and we talk about travelling. It sounds like they have travelled extensively, particularly to Berlin. One of them went before the wall came down and just afterwards. It's really interesting to hear how it was then, and we talk about change and capturing transient moments in art. They describe themselves as well-heeled nomads, which I like.


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  • Chris Waugh

    Chris Waugh Upper Bucklebury

    I make no apologies for this - it's the blog's fault - but tonight I am going to watch 'Best In Show'. Again, it's the blog's fault! ;-)

    I make no apologies for this - it's the blog's fault - but tonight I am going to watch 'Best In Show'.

    Again, it's the blog's fault!


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