Day 6 28/7/2015

Today would have been my grandma's 100th birthday. At least it would have been had she been right about the date she was born. Until she died we always thought her birthday was on 28th July but when we were going through her papers, mum and I found her birth certificate and realised she was born on 29th. For 94 years she had been celebrating her birthday on the wrong day. It was her last laugh. Now mum and I spend two days remembering her. This year, because I am at the gallery on 28th and 29th we decide to go up to London on Monday 27th and see the Summer Exhibition followed by lunch on the South Bank with some friends. On the train from Bury to Cambridge I feel a big droplet of water land on my leg. It's not raining and the window is not open. I'm taken by surprise and wonder where it came from. When I look up someone has written in biro the word "LEAK" with an arrow pointing to it's origin! Poetry.
It's the third year in a row we've been to the Summer Exhibition and this year it is better than the previous two. It helps that this year it has been curated by Michael Craig Martin, who has dressed the Royal Academy in his signature bright pink and blue as well as painting the entrance staircase in rainbow stripes that alter your perception of the architecture as you enter the gallery. Room II has been overseen by Jock McFadyen, who has hung a lot of work I can relate to, hardly surprising considering how much I love Jock's oil paintings. Mum and I try to decide which is our favourite art work. Mine is probably a computer aided design drawing made by Lord Rogers called 'Elevation, Beijing Airport Competition'. Those who know me will not find this at all surprising. Mum's is a small painting by Jock McFadyen called 'Scottish Television'. Look it up. It's rude. An hour later mum and I toast nanny with our lovely friends Kate and Andrew at Brasserie Blanc. Kate and Andrew have been to an exhibition in in the Festival Hall and had some badges made for us! Mine says 'KJ' and mum's says 'Artist's mum Lizzie'. 
Today, I am back at the gallery trying to finish my new painting 'Flyover'. It's not going well. Often my paintings look great after two or three colours and then I add too many colour variations and muddy the water. I've done this today. The piece has lost its focus. It's very quiet in the gallery. I have to spend some time on emails and admin thismorning and am struggling with internet access. I go home for lunch feeling frustrated.
The afternoon is better. My uncle, James Jackson, has mounted some Giclee prints of my painting 'Trellick Tower' to sell. I have had an edition of 20 high quality prints made so hope that these will be a more affordable option for those who want to buy an original but can't stretch to it. I continue to ruin my painting as a lovely lady starts talking to me about my work. She is a potter called Cathy D'arcy and is very insightful about colour. We swop email and website addresses. Another lady comes in but doesn't speak to me. She tells Emily she doesn't like the use of the word psychogeography but prefers the term 'deep topography'. This is like code, it means she has read the Nick Papadimitriou book 'Scarp' or at least seen 'The London Perambulator'. Deep Topography is not a well used term, it's an obscure reference. I wish she had spoken to me and hope she comes back. The upshot is though that Emily, who went to Middlesex University, is now reading 'Scarp'...
I'm disappointed with my days work. I'll need to spend tomorrow fixing what I've done today.


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