Day 7 29/7/2015

Thismorning my aim is to fix 'Flyover' which I feel like I ruined yesterday. Making the album artwork is slightly different from painting my usual pieces. These pictures have to be more graphic and allow for text to be added afterwards. I have definitely added too many colours so need to pare it back a bit. All I seem to be doing though is adding more colour variants and making things worse. I'm probably not concentrating because I have two distractions, Ken and Andy, sitting behind me drinking coffee. They are only making my open studio more authentic by being there. Ken is ever present in my working day as his office is next door to my studio space at The Rehearsal Rooms. The weirdest thing about being in residence is probably the fact that Ken is not here all the time. Andy is our frequent visitor at the Rooms. My radical walking companion and artist muse. Allotment chieftain and teller of colourful, ale fuelled stories. 
Once they leave I realise that I'm not necessarily improving the painting so I decide to listen to the Ashes on TMS to help me focus. I'm a big fan of having sport on in the background whilst working. I find it calming and strangely, as I work alone so much, it makes me feel more a part of the wider world. When I lived in Rome this was especially true. I've never watched a cricket match in my life, am not sure that I totally understand cricket even, but there's nothing better than Tuffers and Blowers in the commentary box, discussing seagulls and buses.
A face I don't see very often comes into the gallery, my friend Jon the Goth. Jon isn't really a goth anymore, although he does have a penchant for photographing graveyards. He lives in Berlin most of the time but is back in Suffolk looking after his sick father. Jon was the person who first inspired me to move to Sheffield. His stories of late 80's/early 90's Sheffield nite-life, The Leadmill, The Limit Club, coupled with listening to a lot of Pulp. 
The afternoon is cricket, mistakes, cricket, mistakes. Maybe tomorrow I will fix 'Flyover'. Sometimes it's best to leave a painting when it's not working, especially if I'm tired.  I discover a photographer on twitter called Quintin Lake who is walking 10000km around the coast of Britain. It's something I fantasise about doing but I'm sure the reality of it would be incredibly challenging. Last year I walked 24 miles in one day from Clare back to Bury and it felt like my hips had been ground down to the bone. Quinitin is an architectural photographer and is posting photographs from the walk on his Perimeter website. They are beautiful.

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