Days 19 & 20 14&15/8/2015

Fridays are generally quiet in the gallery so I take the chance to try and finish 'M25'. Yesterday was a write-off. I had too much admin to do around the record. The record was finally mastered yesterday which is very exciting. Finally we can hear it and enjoy it as it should be. Now it's just a case of finding a home for it, or setting up my own label, finding the funding, and releasing it myself. People can't understand why a record I made with Bernard Butler hasn't been released. Records get released every day so how can it be so hard? They don't realise the amount of money and the team needed to put out a record at the level Bernard and to a certain extent, I, have achieved in the past and is therefore expected from both of us. It's not an 'indie' enough sounding record for the smaller labels but I'm far too 'indie' for the bigger labels. It's the ultimate Catch 22.
'M25' is a welcome relief from thinking about it. I was overly ambitious to think that I'd finish 5 paintings during a 6 week residency. I will achieve 4, which is still pretty good going. 'Flyover' and 'M25' will most likely become the front and back sleeve of the album.
Erica comes in at 2 to work on the dance. We're making a video for 'The End Of Reason' on Sunday which will be the lead track from the album. We've asked 12 'dancers' to come to the shoot but need to choreograph some simple moves to teach them. 'Dancers' is definitely an overstatement. We think we've made the dance suitably simple but when your leading men are a 49 year old ex-goth and a 52 year old ex-punk you never know. They are lovely people, but dancers they are not. Dancing with Erica cheers me up anyway. I needed a laugh today. 
Saturday is altogether brighter. I'm in the gallery early with lovely Sam and Emily. One of the nicest things about doing the residency has been getting to know the gallery staff, who are all absolutely lovely. I'm already feeling slightly sad because this is the end of week 4 and I only have 2 weeks to go. It'll be strange going back to my studio at the Rooms and not seeing them all every day. I've only been working for 10 minutes or so when Shannon, Duncan and Sophie come in. They've already been record shopping and are off to the pub (it's 11am). I promise to meet them at lunch. I ask Duncan if he'd like to be in my video. He's famous for sitting in bars with his head down, headphones on, music leaking out the sides, analysing Uncut or Mojo as if he were about to write a 10,000 word dissertation on the latest releases and reissues. I find it reassuring that people like Dunc still exist. I wan't him to do exactly this in the video but Dunc is quite shy so might not. 
By lunchtime I've nearly finished 'M25'. It's Saturday so I treat myself to a lunchtime pint with Shannon and the others. I'm all excited because the Chair of the Crafts Council came in to the gallery thismorning and chatted to me for a while about Brutalism. By the time I get back to the gallery it's nearly 3. A few more white highlights, final touches and 'M25' is finished. Party time.

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