April 2020. Strange times.

April 2020. Strange times.


Kate Jackson is a visual artist, singer and songwriter based in Leicester.


Her practice begins with walking and aims to achieve its own visual landscape through painting, printmaking and songwriting. She walks the edgelands, the other spaces, setting a different pace against the normal flow of society at work, attempting to alter reality, or enter a different reality and capture it. Romaticising the unloved, the concrete, the derelict, the unseen, in search of a lost utopian future that never quite came to pass. Brutalist architecture and concrete structures are modern monoliths, symbols of this lost utopia that still preside over our brave new world of smart phones and glass towers but go largely unnoticed. Her walks look to connect structures together, searching for otherworldly lines, energy, the spirit of place. The resulting paintings acts of preservation, exploring trace, lineage and memory.

These themes of Hauntology, place and memory, time and loss, loneliness and longing for shared experience and in a broader sense 20th Century pop culture, are all present in her lyric writing for The Long Blondes, as well as her solo songwriting work and visual art. “With my work I am trying to evoke feelings of belonging, security and permanence, connection to place and to those around us as well as to our past and our to ancestors, at the same time reminding us that all is transient and in a constant state of becoming.”

Kate Jackson has also had a successful career in music, forming art rock band The Long Blondes in Sheffield in 2003. After signing to Rough Trade Records in 2006 they released two critically acclaimed albums, ‘Someone To Drive You Home’ and ‘Couples’. In 2016 Jackson released her debut solo album, ‘British Road Movies’, written in collaboration with ex Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. The record sleeve for ‘British Road Movies’, also designed by Jackson, was shortlisted for the Best Art Vinyl award in 2017.

In recent years Jackson has focussed her attention on private and commercially commissioned work, creating large scale paintings for SAGA Cruises, Denny Bros Ltd and John Stebbing Architects. In January 2018 she was commissioned to design a Heritage Lottery Funded walking trail around Bury St. Edmunds based on the life of printmaker Sybil Andrews.