I am a painter. My work is primarily concerned with the landscape, particularly the urban edgelands landscape of Britain. I am a walker. I walk the landscape taking photographs of accidental concrete sculptures. Some of these are buildings, some are not. Some are roads, flyovers, bus shelters, garages, milestones. I like to look at how the changing light and changing seasons affects the colour of concrete. It is not just grey. At dusk or dawn even industrial estates can look magical. We are surrounded by these everyday, ordinary places. We take them for granted, either driving through them so quickly that they are nothing but a blur, or ignoring them as they are not sights to enjoy. I simply point them out. Our landscape is unique, our weather and seasons changeable and beautiful. It takes a shift in perspective to see things through fresh eyes. Occasionally I am a recording artist but for now that work is on hold while I create a world for my new family.


Kate Jackson

November 2017.

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