Much of my work is about looking at the urban and rural landscape of Britain in a new way. I'm particularly interested in post war Brutalist architecture, much derided for its austere appearance and often bulldozed out of history without recognition. The modernist shapes these buildings make in the landscape are appealing to me but i'm also interested in the trace of lives lived within these spaces. I'd rather draw a bus shelter than a Cathedral. The more familiar and mundane a place, the more it is generally ignored. It is my role as an artist to draw attention to the everyday British landscape; the housing, the motorways, the libraries, the bus shelters, the factories and industrial estates, the docks, the service stations, the out of town shopping centres, the last bastions of Brutalist architecture. I live in picturesque Suffolk but spend a lot of time examining it's concrete underbelly by walking in and out of towns and villages, along railway lines, motorways and river valleys.